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HR Superstars

Episode 3 · 6 months ago

The HR Industry’s Evolution from an Administrative Function to a Strategic Function w/ Josh Bersin


In today’s cultural climate, leaders need to consider the enormous complexity we’re all facing in the middle of a pandemic and how they can care for their employees as human beings.

A lot of companies tend to move to one end of the empathy/results spectrum. But if focusing about both results and empathy in equal parts is critical to organizational health, what does a good balance look like?

To find the answer, we talked with Josh Bersin, founder of the Josh Bersin Academy, the world's professional development academy for HR, about corporate citizenship.

What we talked about:

-Josh’s background in HR and business leadership and how he became THE Josh Bersin.

-The HR industry’s move from an administrative compliance function to a strategic function.

-How leaders can participate in creating more economic opportunity.

-What leaders can do to create security within their own companies.

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