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HR Superstars

Episode · 1 year ago

HR Superstars: An Introduction to 15Five’s People Ops Podcast


HR is not just about processes and checking boxes.

It’s about building relationships and helping individuals on their own personal hero’s journey.

15Five wants to help HR leaders be able to do what matters most by developing their workforce and facilitating those heroes’ journeys.

To aid this goal, they started a podcast.

In this inaugural episode of HR Superstars, Rita Richa, a producer at Sweet Fish Media, talks with Shane Metcalf and David Hassell, CCO and CEO of 15Five, a leading continuous performance management and engagement solution, about what led them to start this podcast.

They also discussed:

-Shane and David’s professional backgrounds (everything from tech to kite surfing!)

-The heart and vision behind HR Superstars.

-How 15Five drives employee performance and engagement.

-What you can expect in future episodes (we’ll cover everything from meeting business performance needs to the science behind interpersonal relating!)

For the entire interview, subscribe to HR Superstars on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher. Or, tune in on our website.

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