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Episode 21 · 1 month ago

Blowing Up Human Resources: The End of Industrial Age Practices


Many HR practices trace their roots back to the industrial age — an era where management practices were inspired by the practice of slavery and created on a foundation of distrust towards workers. 

If you’ve been doing something for over 75 years that’s sourced in suffering and clearly no longer working, it’s time for a revolution. 

In part one of our interview with Nancy Hauge, Chief Human Resources Officer at Automation Anywhere, Nancy explains why she’s on a mission to rid the HR function of every outdated, industrial age mentality that’s holding it back. 

We discuss: 

  • The roots of industrial age management practices 
  • The neuroscience of leadership 
  • Humanizing work through automation 
  • Creating customized HR solutions for each individual 
  • Skill sets needed to be a manager of the future 

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